“Smart, Phone!”


“Smart, phone!”

Jake Eddy, 17 year old. Musician. fashion designer. developer. producer. Entrepreneur.

Jake’s dedication and passion for music has turned him into an unparalleled multi- instrumentalist songwriter and artist. The concept of art and unity has been a powerful one borne of Jake’s creative expression.  In his new visionary project “Smart, phone!” he compliments every sound and every genre, justly and with great purpose. From the soulful melodies and emotional dynamism of James brown to the traditional and old tyme sound of Earl Scruggs. There is no part of the modern (and ancient) world and its music that doesn’t seem to come to mind when Jake Eddy puts brush to his work.

We all have something important to say, and there is so there is more power in bringing peoples and in this case genres to oneness in song. Cultures and camps of people have created separation in information and music to express (although the same) different iterations of experience through exclusive contexts. We live in a world now where differences in context are peaking to their differences, but is also unveiling the unity.

Jake Eddy’s new album “Smart, Phone!”  is an emergence—is creative commentary on what can be done with music and technology in our post-modern reality. Jake Eddy created an entire album off of the mobile version of Apple product’s Garage band. Garage band has always been a successful and proven tool to producing and expressing an artist through a diverse palate, and through streamlined interface. –But a professionally produced album created on a mobile version is unheard of. Jake is conducting an experiment to see if we have the capability through mobile support to create a product that is world-class material, and the results of his experiment.. you’d have to hear for yourself. Featuring many guests all from different backgrounds this album intermarries with Jakes worldview to produce a balanced reflection of what the world that is emerging can feel like if we can take these peaking moments of difference and turn it into song.

Through recent years technology has advanced to give man the capability to change the world through his own creativity and will. In so many cases this power has come to the individual. The advancement of technology offers easy avenues to express the reach of a human’s potential to change the world, but is merely a reminder of all possible through a world that is integrated in thought and intention. An apple product remains consistent for all users and groups working with it as a module to complete tasks that fulfill their desire. If the world decided for example to be unified in their desire to instill strength, health, and happiness in all its peoples.. that would be a consistent module for operating and completing a goal.

In this day there is nothing remarkable about having an iPhone, it is kind of a standard in a person’s toolbelt. A lot of people function in a world that depends on having the assets that an iPhone grants them. -Yet, have we forgotten the superb reach of utility that an iPhone offers us? In 1981 shuttle Columbia went to the edge of space and back depending completely on the guidance of an 800-kilobyte ram computer. The asset of that 800 kilobyte computer was completely utilized and acknowledged and yet today it is normal for everyone to walk around with a hand held system capable of nearly 5000 times the computing power of the NASA guiding system

This power was put at our disposal for things limited to basic planning and passive media entertainment. Then people like Jake Eddy come along and remind us not only of the untapped potential of the norm that is our personal technological reach, but also our creative genius.

Apple industries for years has been striving to bring power back to the people and the ability to change and better the world really is in the hands of the everyday man. The creative genius of Jake Eddy and his new project “Smart, Phone!” emphasizes and explores this and inspires a stronger, happier, and more healthy world.

Album announcement post: https://www.facebook.com/JakeEddy1999/photos/a.1401670016754336.1073741829.1396388907282447/1826951240892876/?type=3&theater

Jake Eddy’s official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/JakeEddy1999/

Look for Jake Eddy’s upcoming album “Smart, Phone!” on ITunes, coming to you soon!

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