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The Invisible College

This classroom symposium volume explores the concept of designing functional underground living and working space.  The classroom mandate was to design an underground college facility assuming the size, dimensions and usages of a middle sized liberal arts college.  The design calls for classroom space, living space solutions, and environmental systems. 

Essays from the Earth 2004

These essays were written and complied in 2004. At that time, the Environmental Studies department at Roanoke College was hardly a foregone conclusion. At that point, the program was a small part of the campus biology department. In a rather small and conservative liberal arts college in Southwest Virginia. The program had one professor, Dr. Cawley, who had just graduated his first class of half a dozen students. There was the "Environmental Movement" was a passing trend, and would shortly blow out to sea. George W. Bush, hardly a tree hugger, was just being elected for the second time during this semester in question. And the students were evenly divided if the environment or the economy was the more important issue. Content-wise, these essays provide a unique window and worldview of of a generation of students, many of whom have since moved onward to very successful environmental careers in this, a very different future than the present they were describing in 2004. 

Essays from the Earth 2014

Well here we are, the seventh generation since the inheritance of America. Born into a world where species and forests are vanishing. Land, water supply and other natural resources are decreasing, the air, streams, rivers and oceans are being polluted and our food is becoming toxic. It is evident that the Earth's condition upon our arrival and during our visit was not a main priority in the development of this county and most of the rest of the world. 

Hear our words. Feel our hearts. See our innocence. Embrace our passion. We will not let the destruction of our earth pass the threshold of no return. We will fight against what we know is wrong and we will rise above all obstacles that are thrown in our way by power heads with deceiving agendas fueled by illusion and greed. 

Much like it's 2004 predecessor, Essays from the Earth - 2014 is a collection of essays written by Environmental Studies Students from Roanoke College, Dr. Cawley, founder of the college's Environmental Studies program over ten years ago, assigned weekly essays on a topic of his pupils choosing over the course of a semester. The results are candid, and as such, offer true insight into the minds of the environmental class. Most interestingly, the differences in mentality between the students of 2004 are very different from the students writing only ten years later.  

Energy at the Crossroads

We can define ourselves as the first generation with the capability and responsibility to fully advance beyond our moderne dependence on traditional fossil fuels. The necessary evils of fossil fuels have crippled our ability to move foreword into the 21st century. Progressing from our reliance on fossil fuels is an essential milestone that's necessary for the health and future of our planet. We can be the next generation utilizing more alternative energy as a primary resource to sustain our everyday activities. Today, each and every individual has the duty to contribute in achieving a state where there is no longer a strong dependence on fossil fuels, hereby forever impacting our global community. The first step to an ideal green world is the awareness of the ever-shrinking supply of fossil fuels. This by no means will an easy transition, but one that is evidently necessary for the future and well-being of our planet. 

Presented before us is the unique opportunity to transform and pardon the mistakes of the past decades. The stage has been set for alternate clean energies to take charge and craft a more sustainable future.