Crain Collection

The Eye of the Artist

In her "Visions" series of travelogues, author Caroline Crain has changed both her scope and her world-view. In this, "The Eye of the Artist", the author willingly invites the reader into her personal garden and home, and then, just as quickly ventures forth into stories about Amish neighbors, garage building, and travel within Southern Pennsylvania and the Shenandoah of Virginia.  Look carefully; the photographs include comfortable ghosts and phantoms, all of whom appear pleased to have their tales told.

The Wealth of Sight

In "The Wealth of Sight", author Caroline Crain begins with descriptions of the adventures of a Northern Pennsylvania girl in modern-day London. From there, we are introduced to the Seneca Indians of Western New York, then to Traditional travels in New England and a brief sojourn in old fashion Charleston in the deep South. Here is present day history in the unfolding-- but in the author's usual style, the present is nuanced with a depth of history, both of the charming and the drama of the past...  ...Readers who have enjoyed previous books by this author will NOT be disappointed.

Western Vistas

Besides the spectacular landscape, besides the long miles traveled, and the sense of history, one returns home with both memories and souvenirs. One of the things that I love on my western travels is the chance to compare what is in my imagination from reading Louis L’amour's daring accounts of the West with what I see before me. I find that I have an imagination right along with the best of them. On cold winter eastern days in Pennsylvania, my imagination still goes westward. Particularly as I work on this manuscript to complete this, my seventh book. In my mind I revisit my trips west, and remember always that one ends any great Western story by riding ever onward into the sunset.

Forgotten Children

Caroline Crain is best known for her local history, genealogy and travel books centered in Northern Pennsylvania. In "Forgotten Children" Caroline turns her North-country craft to the art of short story. Born in 1935, her experiences have spanned the 20th Century development of both culture and historic crisis, including the Great Depression, the Second World War, and the rapid movement into the modern millenial world. Here she has crafted these experiences into individual voices of observers and participants alike. This book is an exploration of individual souls and individual quests. As she asks in her epigram: "Was there a moment that defined us? Or an event that redeemed us? What was our place in history?"

Visions of Europe

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