Paperclip is the lively and ambitious story of an early, unknown Space Race, and of its three proud acolytes. Driven by unforced, graceful prose, soaring heights of drama, and thoughtful character development, Paperclip traces the history of hiddenness that unites Robert Goddard, Wernher von Braun and Sergei Korolev. It is hard to imagine three more disparate men.  


"A sublime act of literary violence."


Passacaglia is an analytical novel, an expedition into history, love and memory, at once a meticulously-knit narrative woven of multicolored threads. Passacaglia is a tapestry woven of five different strands, organized rhythmically by the mathematics of a site-shifting narrative, with threads interrelating into a site-shifting function-- 9-1-4-7-3-4-9-1-4-7-3-6 etc.--which becomes a musical leitmotif throughout the novel.

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