New Titles

Annus Mirabilis

A new season brings immense changes–Here is a tale of new worlds, now experiences, and new steps forward. Here is “The Miraculous year”


Ars Chymicum Vitreum

“An Alchemy of Glass” Is a complex study of the role of early glassmaking in ancient and medieval Alchemy.


Lapis mundi

“The Stone of the world”  Here is the eternal search for the philosopher’s stone.  Coming in 2018.


The Book of Days

The geological autobiography of Dr. Jon C. Cawley. / The Geologic History of the World.


volkswagen notes: confessions of a hacksaw mechanic

here are the tales of the eternal beetle, the loyal companion, the magic carpet.


volkswagen notes: some assembly required

more Volkswagen tales. coming in 2018.

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